Cleaning Care

Polvere Di Sogni

Polvere Di Sogni is very durable and keeps its luster. If necessary, buff gently with a brush dipped in warm water.

Avoid heat sources exceeding 140°F / 90°C as the material is heat sensitive and can be damaged.

Cleaning Care

- Ultrasonic Cleaner at a medium setting

- Steam to rinse ‹ 90 Celsius while holding the piece at least 5-6” away from the nozzle.

DNA Spring

The DNA Spring strands are very flexible but are delicate. Thus, avoid bending (creates kinks) or pulling the strands (may snap internal strand).

If there happens to be bend/kink in a strand, you can fix it by hand. Gently stroke your finger/thumb over the kinked area until is straightened out.

This care should not be applied to products with the Polvere Di Sogni as it may irreparably snap. Please avoid bending this section.

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